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      1. Service Engineer服務工程師
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        Job Scope:
        · Install, modify, maintain, and upgrade complex equipment in accordance with maintenance and service agreements and technical specifications.
        · Perform periodic and preventive and corrective maintenance on customer installations to ensure that equipment continuous to perform reliably.
        · Plan/assign/manage field labour hours to maximize profitability and productivity without compromising safety or quality.
        · Coach and mentor less experienced technicians, check the quality of their work, and help them diagnose and solve problems.
        · Take as leader in safety work practices on site.
        · Maintain accurate service records, provide documents and reports for monthly safety meetings.
        · Ensure 24hr response is available and negotiate other agreeable actions with customers.
        · Maintain the customer relationship and collect business information.
        · Other duties assigned by supervisor/manager.
        · College or above, mechanic or electric background.
        · Above 3 years industrial maintenance working experience.
        · Good communication skills.
        · Excellent documents handle skill.
        · Good English skills is preferred.
        Team work spirit, responsible and able to work under pressure.
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